Mi-ONE Vape SA

When vaping first gained popularity the devices started small. Then they got big. And bigger… then complicated and expensive. We wanted to make things simple again.

To make it as easy as 3 steps to vape for the first time or every time. We poured our dedication, knowledge and appreciation for an excellent inhale and over 9 years of experience as a vaporizer OEM to bring you the Mi-one MTL Mini Vaporizer Starter Kit.

From the coils you choose to the juice you carry, vaping is a lifestyle! It’s a choice to live free and enjoy the finer things. Why blow smoke when you can vape? Set the trend and path you want to travel. Take Mi-one with you to vape on the go wherever your personal story takes you. From college to the corporate office, Mi-One has a style for you. Collect all your favourite Mi-one styles to match any mood or outfit while you live your adventure, smoke free.


It’s Mi-ONE.


Portable power never looked so good, stylish, unique, compact and discreet.
Equipped with a long lasting 1100 mAh high-drain lithium battery for worry-free vaping on the move.

The Mi-one is your vape to make the little things in life that much easier